What to do when heel pain isn’t going away?

Swiss DolorClast® is a form of Shockwave therapy, soundwaves create high-energy vibrations within the tissue

Ankle pain

The most common ankle injury is a sprained ankle, but ankle pain can have numerous sources.

Foot arch pain

When any of your arch-related bones, ligaments, and tendons are weakened or injured you may start experiencing arch pain.

Knee pain

A lot of knee pain can be resolved very easily and treatment is always more effective if applied sooner rather than later.

Forefoot pain

Metatarsalgia is a broad term often used by health practitioners to describe pain and inflammation experienced in the forefoot.

Heel pain

Heel pain is often a catch-all term for any condition that can occur around the heel, often causing chronic discomfort.

Heel pain in kids and teens

heel pain in kids and teens is not uncommon; however, the cause is often different to what causes heel pain in adults.

Pronation of the foot what is it and is it bad?

Pronation is just the description of movement that occurs in three spatial planes. A little high brow.

Common causes and symptoms of heel pain.

Heel pain is a condition that affects approximately 10 percent of people at some stage in their life.