Tarsal tunnel syndrome: symptoms, causes and treatment

Tarsal tunnel syndrome occurs when the Tibial nerve runs through your ankle and causes it to become inflamed or swollen due to abnormal pressure on the nerve. It's like carpal tunnel syndrome which affects the wrist. 


When you have tarsal tunnel syndrome, there is often burning or shooting pain in the arch and heel. You might also experience numbness or sensitivity below your foot and when running, standing up or laying down. 

Tarsal tunnel syndrome can be one of the most commonly missed diagnoses. Our Sports Podiatrist, Dr James Ferrie, is equipt with diagnostic tools such as ultrasound to diagnose tarsal tunnel, and you are on track for treatment right away! 


  • Rest
  • Applying heat & massage to the area
  • Possibly use a cast that will immobilize your foot so it can heal properly.
  • It's essential to support the ankle properly, so we often recommend orthotics, which will give you long-term relief.
  • We may also prescribe physical therapy.
  • Use injections to relieve the pain and inflammation.
  • Fit you with a brace that will relieve pressure from the foot.
  • In some cases, surgery might be necessary, but only after we have exhausted the more conservative treatment options. 

We have comprehensive and aggressive treatment plans designed to reduce your pain levels are target the condition's causes. Make an appointment at our Melbourne Clinics located in Docklands and Ascot Vale.

Mr James Ferrie
B. Pod. (La Trobe); Mem. A. Pod. A
Principal Practitioner / Founder of My Sports Podiatrist