Professional Developement 


  • 2009-  Injection therapy seminar 2009, APODA

  • 2010-  Cadaver lower limb dissection workshop fundamental stream, APODA

  • 2012-  Trigger point dry needling - application for pain management and sports injuries, GEMt

  • 2012-  Australian Podiatry Association State conference 

  • 2012-  Shock wave therapy clinical applications and safety, MD solutions 

  • 2012-  Laser 1064nm Application and laser safety, MD solutions 

  • 2013-  Cadaver  lower limb dissection workshop functional stream,  APODA

  • 2014-  Web-based case studies in podiatric therapeutics, Latrobe University 

  • 2014-  Injection Therapy for soft tissue injuries, Prolotherapy, Dr Margaret Taylor 

  • 2015- Lower limb MSK ultrasound workshop, Ultrasound Training Solutions 

  • 2016-  Advances in the management of tendinopathies, APODA

  • 2017- 1064nm diode Laser application for Warts, MD solutions

  • 2017-  The Australasian Musculoskeletal Imaging Group Annual Scientific Meeting Foot and Ankle, AMSIG  

  • 2017- Intermediate Foot and Ankle Orthobiologic core injection skills ultrasound and fluoroscopy, Interventional               orthopaedic foundation, Colorado USA 

Clinical Teaching 

  • Ultrasound for Podiatrists Level One, Ultrasound Training Solutions

  • Foot and Ankle Ultrasound Level 2, Ultrasound Training Solutions

  • Foot and Ankle Ultrasound Level 3, Ultrasound Training Solutions

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