Plantar fasciitis treatment Melbourne CBD

Discomfort or pain at the base of your heel is often referred to medically as plantar fasciitis or heel spur syndrome.

How to treat plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an overuse condition caused by repetitive straining of the plantar fascia

Docklands Podiatry offers Shockwave Therapy for heel pain

Docklands Podiatry is a one-stop shop for all your foot and ankle needs. We offer shockwave therapy an effective treatment

Are cortisone injections harmful?

Although cortisone injections are a popular treatment for chronic injuries, it's actually not always the best course of action.

Heel Pain Why Seeking a Professional Opinion May Be Important

Heel pain is a common condition, and many people suffer from it. seeking a professional opinion may be the next logical step.

Using sound waves to heal the body

Swiss DolorClast® is a non-invasive treatment which does not involve the use of medication, anaesthetics, or needles

What to do when heel pain isn’t going away?

Swiss DolorClast® is a form of Shockwave therapy, soundwaves create high-energy vibrations within the tissue