Are cortisone injection harmful?

Cortisone injections are sometimes suggestive as a treatment option for chronic injuries.

Although cortisone injections are a popular treatment for chronic injuries, it's actually not always the best course of action. Cortisone can decrease tissue inflammation and pain, but cortisone is an immunosuppressant. Because cortisone reduces the body's immune system response to an injury, cortisone should be used with caution.

Before cortisone shots are given, it's vital to find why there is pain in the first place.
When cortisone is injected into a specific area of injury, it can decrease tissue inflammation at that location.

The benefits of cortisone include:
- cortisone can decreases pain
- cortisone reduces tissue inflammation

However, there are some side effects to be aware of too.

These are more common with repeated injections:
- cortisone can cause damage to soft tissue
- cortisone injections are associated with a weakening of tendons
-accidental injury to nerves or blood vessels

Cortisone injections are often used to treat chronic tendon pain but can be administered for other reasons. A cortisone injection may help you to get relief from inflammation and pain caused by tendonitis or bursitis.

The use of a cortisone injection is not without risk, so you must be aware of all alternative treatments before proceeding with this course of action. If you want more information about how cortisones injections work and who should receive them, click on our link below. Book your appointment today!


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