How to treat plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an overuse condition caused by repetitive straining of the plantar fascia

Docklands Podiatry offers Shockwave Therapy for heel pain

Docklands Podiatry is a one-stop shop for all your foot and ankle needs. We offer shockwave therapy an effective treatment

Heel Pain Why Seeking a Professional Opinion May Be Important

Heel pain is a common condition, and many people suffer from it. seeking a professional opinion may be the next logical step.

Using sound waves to heal the body

Swiss DolorClast® is a non-invasive treatment which does not involve the use of medication, anaesthetics, or needles

What to do when heel pain isn’t going away?

Swiss DolorClast® is a form of Shockwave therapy, soundwaves create high-energy vibrations within the tissue

Heel pain

Heel pain is often a catch-all term for any condition that can occur around the heel, often causing chronic discomfort.

Heel pain in kids and teens

heel pain in kids and teens is not uncommon; however, the cause is often different to what causes heel pain in adults.

Common causes and symptoms of heel pain.

Heel pain is a condition that affects approximately 10 percent of people at some stage in their life.