Custom Orthotics 

Custom foot orthotics are shoe inserts designed to support the natural shape of the foot, align the ankle and improve posture and foot function in general. Podiatrists following a comprehensive biomechanical assessment may prescribe orthotics to treat a range of foot, ankle, leg and lower back conditions.

When Are orthotics required

Custom foot orthotics are often required when abnormal motions or alignment of the foot or ankle results in excessive "wear and tear" of the joints, tendons and ligaments of the foot, ankle, lower limb pelvis or spine. If abnormal motions are not addressed they may result in chronic injuries and pain.

Are There Different types of orthotics? 

Yes, we offer 3 main types of Orthotic Therapy alternatives for your consideration. These types are custom, semi-custom and off-the-shelf. Each alternative has various benefits and range in costs. Depending on the level of your cover and whom you are insured with they can be claimable. This is by using your private health insurance ‘ancillary cover’.

What is the involved 

  • Comprehensive biomechanical assessment and video gait assessment 

  •  RS Gait scan, which precisely measures dynamics motions and pressure 

  • 3D laser scan of the foot 

  • computer-assisted orthotics design to ensure accuracy  

  • Advanced robotic manufacture

  • Fitting appointment

  • Review six weeks after the fitting appointment should any adjustment be needed to fine-tune the orthotics 

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