Lower Limb Neurological & Vascular Examination

Neurological Examination 

During a neurological assessment, a variety of tests are employed to examine the nervous system. Podiatrists use neurological assessments to evaluate any loss of sensation, muscle weakness, pain or lack of coordination. The tests are all non-invasive and painless. 


Vascular examination assesses the amount of blood that reaches the feet.

  • It is essential to monitor the blood flow to the feet in patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and in cases where feet are cold, or injuries are not healing

  • These vascular assessments are performed utilising several diagnostic tests, including a non-invasive ultrasound Doppler.

  • Doppler ultrasound waves are bounced off the red blood cells to provide both an in-depth visual and audible analysis of each heartbeat.

  • We employ Infrared Thermography which is a non-invasive method to detect reduced blood flow to the feet. 

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