Laser Wart Treatment of Warts, papilloma and Verrucae

Low-level Laser Wart Treatment

Pulsed laser radiation targets the small blood vessels sustaining the wart. Upon intense laser irradiation, a wart should dry out and its entire capillaries chains fully coagulated. This will appear as a colour transformation from pink to light grey. This is a powerful treatment for larger mosaic warts. It typically doesn’t require any anaesthetic but may need a further treatment depending on the response.

Laser Vaporisation

Laser Vaporisation is ablative treatment. Results are achieved by applying laser radiation that results in burnt (carbonized) tissue. The burned tissue will separate from the healthy tissue underneath and fall off during the following days. This treatment is best for smaller persistent warts. In this method, the continuous laser radiation removes the whole wart as well as some of the surrounding tissue. This is to make sure the wart, its roots and blood supply are completely eradicated. This treatment is performed under local anaesthetic.


Laser Surgical Excision

Often reserved for deeper resistant plantar warts, this surgical procedure is performed under local anaesthetic. The wart is excised surgically ensuring not to penetrate the deep layer of skin known as the dermis. Then continuous laser radiation is used to vaporises any remaining wart viral tissue to ensure its roots and blood supply are completely eradicated. This will require regular dressing until the wound has fully healed.

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