Easing Knee Pain: Expert Solutions from Our Sports Podiatrist

Knee discomfort is a prevalent issue that can significantly disrupt your daily activities and sporting performance. At My Sports Podiatrist, we comprehend the importance of knee wellbeing for maintaining an active lifestyle. Our specialised sports podiatrist delivers expert care for those struggling with knee pain, ensuring a journey towards recovery and enhanced mobility.

The Link Between Foot and Knee Discomfort

The health of your feet directly influences your knees. Misalignments or dysfunctions in the feet can cause undue stress on the knee joints. Our sports podiatrist is skilled in pinpointing and treating these root causes, offering relief to your feet and knees.

When to Consider a Podiatric Assessment for Knee Discomfort?

Ongoing Pain: If you experience persistent knee discomfort that doesn't improve with rest.
Post-Injury Concerns: Post-sporting injury, if knee pain is noticeable during recovery.
Abnormal Walking Patterns: Signs like uneven shoe wear can indicate gait issues affecting your knees.
Increased Training: When knee discomfort emerges or intensifies with a ramp-up in training.
Preventative Care: Even without pain, assessing your foot and knee health can prevent future problems.

Our Sports Podiatrist's Approach to Knee Pain

Thorough Gait Analysis: Advanced tools to evaluate walking and running patterns, identifying potential contributors to knee discomfort.

Custom Orthotics: Personalised insoles to correct foot imbalances, reducing knee strain.
Rehab Exercises: Specific exercises to strengthen muscles around the feet and knees, improving stability and lessening discomfort.
Footwear Guidance: Proper footwear is crucial for knee wellbeing; we provide recommendations tailored to your needs.
Holistic Treatment Plans: Our approach considers your complete lower limb health, ensuring a comprehensive treatment strategy.
Why Choose My Sports Podiatrist for Your Knee Concerns
Expertise: Our podiatrist possesses a deep knowledge of sports-related injuries and biomechanics.
Tailored Care: We provide individualised treatment plans aligned with your specific needs and aspirations.
Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilising the latest diagnostic and therapeutic tools for optimal outcomes.Proactive Strategy: Focusing on both treatment and prevention of future issues.

Don't let knee discomfort hinder your active lifestyle. At My Sports Podiatrist, we're dedicated to providing you with the necessary care and support to navigate knee challenges and return to your beloved activities. Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment and embark on your journey towards pain-free knees.


Dr James Ferrie
B. Pod. (La Trobe); Mem. A. Pod. A
Principal Practitioner / Founder of My Sports Podiatrist