Essentials of good footwear

Over years of treating patients as a podiatrist, I have often found that the patient's footwear is inappropriate and contributes to the development of foot pain.

Addressing your footwear is essential if you tend to walk around in flat, loose, unsupportive shoes. Wearing a lace-up shoe with good arch support is often the first step that I recommend for my patients.

Wearing supportive footwear is essential to reduce unnecessary strain on the arch of the foot. It is necessary to find a shoe with a firm heel counter that provides ankle support. Stiffness through the shoe's midsole is needed to reduce strain on the arch, but it is also essential to adequately bend the big toe joint during walking and running. It is also essential to make sure the shoes have good cushioning and aren't too heavy.

Mr James Ferrie
B. Pod. (La Trobe); Mem. A. Pod. A
Principal Practitioner / Founder of My Sports Podiatrist